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The Riverside Market Story

What life events drove the Wagner family to turning their inspirations to now their business?

A little about our family story...

Who are we? The Wagners are a family of four whose life journey is a path less traveled. To introduce myself, my name is Chandra Wagner and I am the owner and designer of Riverside Market. Here is our family story.

My husband Chris and I have been known as the town's house-flippers for many years and began when our daughter Trin was three years old beginning with our own home. It was 2003 and we lived in our cottage-style home on Nash St in Glen Elder with the beautiful tree hovering over the backyard for the next eight years. Our son Zane was born in 2007. When he turned four and Trinity turned eleven, the journey of 'God-Led House Flippers' begun for us. We have completed a running total of renovating 13 personal homes in the Glen Elder and Beloit area while living in them in over the last 17 years. Fun fact? Two of the homes we lived in twice! Altogether, Chris and I totaled 15 moves since we have been married for 21 years.

Chris is my best friend. We celebrated our 21st anniversary this last September. He is the talent behind-the-scenes that keeps me grounded while pushing me out of my comfort zone. A born motivator and leader is who my husband Chris Wagner is.

Our current place we call home...

The home we are currently working on in Glen Elder is my childhood home. Though I never actually had a room in it as a kid, I visited it every other weekend. See, my parents were divorced when I was in kindergarten. This was the home that God has led us to during my adult life: to renovate and bring back the beauty. I will admit, yes, we had plans to stay in our previous house forever. It was going to be our last. Similar to Jonah and the whale Bible story, God swallowed him up and spit him out in the right direction where God wanted him to go. I will never question where we are led, though at times I'm kicking my feet screaming at God but not this one. And he says, don't miss the point. We are here on this earth to fellowship with each other. We are here for a short time on this earth. Enjoy your family. Spend time with them. That is what I am going to do.

What I can do for your story...

The jewelry here at Riverside Market is hand-designed specifically for each person while it is encouraging them to focus on positivity. Whether through the passing of a loved one and having the ability to share your testimony or just the day to day visual reminder of a piece to keep going. These are custom pieces created locally in my hometown of Glen Elder, Kansas. I highly encourage to those viewers reading this to visit the shop and bring your treasures. I would love to help you share YOUR story!


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