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Breakthroughs & Blessings

You may never see it coming. The day you realize you are an adult and those choices you made growing up led you to this very moment.. my weekend was full of Blessings & Breakthroughs.

My husband would ask me, “Is this one of those stories we can’t tell a lot of people?” Yes -this is one that I still am in awe over. I guess you would call it a Divine Encounter.

“Trust the Journey” Bracelet. This piece was designed today after a group of hunters from Georgia stopped in my shop for gifts to take home. Three generations of a family were together when the grandfather prayed a Blessing over my business and family. (Grandfather who is also a preacher ~the Son-in-law ~ & Grandson)

Many know the story of how we ended up where we are now. “Trust the Journey” Even when you can’t see how it ends. What looks like a mistake is God’s Path to the Plan for Your Life. I pray that when you come in this shop you find a piece of the puzzle you were missing to KEEP Going! One of the gentlemen that was with them was named Jason. I seen my brother Travis in him. In his eyes I recognized that free spirited young man that we all miss so much! Thank you God for all those that cross our paths and letting me see a little piece of Heaven in ones you bring to us. ~God Bless You All ~Chandra


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