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5 Jewelry Tips Every Woman Needs to Know & How to Style Them

women in boho fashion wearing rings and jewelry
Image Curtesy of WIX Images

Picking an outfit is not always the easiest task. Did you know that the average woman spends 5 months of her entire life deciding on what to wear?

After finally deciding on what you plan to wear it becomes time to accessorize. Here are 5 tips below that you can use when deciding on how to style jewelry with your outfits.

Tip #1 - Select jewelry that compliments your skin tone.

It may come to a surprise to you that depending on your skin tone that certain jewelry can suit you better that others. First you want to determine if you have a cool, warm, or neutral skin tone. According to WikiHow, one way to tell is to look at the color of your veins in your wrist.

Cool Skin Tone

  • Blue veins indicate that you have a cool skin tone. Your skin is most likely to burn easily or show redness. Cool skin tones tend to look best with red, purple, or blue gemstones with either white or silver metals.

Warm Skin Tone

  • Green veins means that you have a warmer skin tone. People with these colored veins ten to tan easily. Contrary to the cool skin tones, warm skin tones look best with gold, orange, or green gemstones with either copper or yellow gold metals.

Neutral Skin Tone

  • Purplish veins tend to indicate that you have a neutral skin tone. We will group this skin tone with the cool skin tone category.

Tip #2 - Layer your pieces.

woman in boho fashion jewelry looking down
Image Curtesy of WIX Images

One of the best ways to style your jewelry is to play with layering. Next time you put on your jewelry, try to pair something bold with something more delicate. These two styles will compliment each other well.

You can layer almost any of your jewelry from rings to necklaces to bracelets!

Tip #3 - Use a pop of color.

Is your outfit mainly composed of neutral colors (white, black, grey, nude)? This is the perfect opportunity to spice up your outfit with something colorful. Earrings or colored gemstones are wonderful ways to bring your entire look to life. To really up your style game, use the colors mentioned in Tip #1 to best compliment your skin tone.

Tip #4 - Mix and match.

bee bracelet

One of the hottest trends of today is mixing metals together. From gold, silver, copper, to rose gold - the possibilities are endless. Looking for other ways to play around with your jewelry? Next time, try to play with size, length, and the texture.

Tip #5 - Choose a centerpiece.

Maybe one of the easiest starting points of accessorizing is to select a piece of jewelry to be your statement piece. It is much easier to start with one piece and continue building from there. A lot of Riverside Market lovers will use our necklaces as a focal point of their outfit. If we use the necklace as our focal point, we would want to pair daintier bracelets and earrings with it.

Lastly, there are no rules.

Life is all about having fun and making our style personalized to ourself. These are just a few tips if you are wanting to spice up your style going forward. Thanks for reading and feel free to browse through our newest arrival pieces at



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