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A Creative Life

We have dreams and visions constantly. Expressing ourselves in colors and using different mediums of art to show you what we see. There are times God shows me what He sees.

Many of you know I was an interior painter for many years. This is one of the homes I did when I first started my painting business in 2008. From that job on I trusted God to lead me to the next and the next after that. Today I did touch ups on this wall. As I stood back to look at how the faux painting with the Venetian Plaster painting technique was blending, I said to my husband “I think I just painted a feather!” The end of my interior painting journey was exactly where I started. It’s like a big circle of closure. I’ve been struggling with settling where I’m planted lately. I admit that it is tough to sit still when you don’t know what God is doing in your life. Like I have anxiety waiting for the teacher’s next instructions. Do you know anyone like that?

Trin designed the ad earlier this morning that just so looks like what God designed for me on this wall. He uses our gifts and talents to show you what He sees. I trust He knows what this all is looking like in the end and that I will have the stamina to “Keep Going” when I’m feeling unsettled. I’ve noticed in the past at this time of unsettling -we’ve moved as house flippers. God I’m tired of running when things don’t feel comfortable.

Help me rest in Your plan.


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